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About us

ECOMY is a vertical portal meant for companies (business to business) creating concrete market tools, development and internationalization for the Italian companies and supplying information and professional training to entrepreneurs and managers. It is especially suitable for small and medium size companies and micro-companies.


         Vertical Portal (vortal)

The center of the project is the vertical portal www.ecomy.com, which is continously evolving. It focuses better all our initiatives and creates a meeting point for the Italian and foreign companies.

         Commercial advertisement

In this area it is possible to pubblish FREE OF CHARGE, in a simple and quick manner, your own commercial advertisement on products and services or to search for business partners in Italy or abroad.

Each registered user will have access to his own reserved area. It has never been so simple to add or cancel advertisements or modify your profile!

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         Desks in the world

Ecomy is opening representative offices (desks) around the world in order to give support to the Italian companies to create effective collaboration on the respective sector.
The Desk created in Finland in 1999 is a concrete example.

ECOMY, together with the collaboration of its desks, organizes trade missions, meetings with the distribution and the production and collective participations on fairs.


ECOMY with THALAMOS is working from 10 years in trading sector and in particular is focused on :

Scraps: Metal and not Metal scraps: HMS 1-2 (80:20), tyre wire, used rails. Plastic and rubber scraps: used and shredded tyres, PS, PP, PET, LDPE, HDPE, etc.

Commodities: HardWood Charcoal, Sugar, Wheat, Mais, Soya, Vegetable oils, etc.

Products made in Italy: Clothing, food, beverages, wines, etc.


ECOMY provides services and consultation: business, financial , marketing and also regarding Environment with particular reference to export of wastes, refusals and scraps and their use as fuels for to produce Alternative Energy:

RDF – Refused Derived Fuels

TDF – Tyre Derived Fuels