\ Desks in the world


  What are they?

The trend of the present market is to get global. Trying to expand one's operating range to abroad has become of great importance to the modern company.

This means we have to face completely different realities and markets than those on which we have been used to; different manners and ways of acting and thinking.

We are convinced that in order to understand a country one has to live it and that's why the role of the Desk ECOMY is important; independent offices located abroad run by a multilingual personnel.


  Why are they useful?

         to organize business meetings, trade missions and participations on fairs

         to give commercial, marketing and communication support to companies

         to prepare market research and commercial break-through plans

         to contact the institutions, the production and the distribution of any field

         to be continuously updated on the economic, political and social situation of the area


  Active desks


Operative since 1996
Competence area: Italy


Operative since 1999
Competence area: Scandinavia, Baltic area, Russia


Operative since 2005
Competence area: Brazil

         Burkina Faso

Operative since 2008
Competence area: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin


  Next desk opening


Operative by december 2008
Competence area China


We are negotiating other desk openings in Europe, Usa and Asia.